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Product and materials testing

In our research for our saddle designs and padding recommendations, we employ three different technologies. 

The Port Lewis impression pad is a "dough" filled clear envelope shaped to fit under a saddle without any other pad. This tool provides us with an average of the way a saddle places pressure on the horse's back over a period of 30-40 minutes.  The rider takes the horse through it's paces both directions and at all speeds in order to gain an average impression. 

The XSensor computerized pressure array is a valuable tool which offers real-time feedback as the rider and horse perform maneuvers. The rider's balance or imbalance can easily be detected, making this a valuable rider evaluation tool. The contact area of the saddle and any high pressure spots are also observed. The XSensor also provides valuable feedback on the efficiency and performance of various types of saddle padding. If you feel that pressure mapping may offer some benefit to your situation, we offer pressure mapping as a service for individuals or groups. Contact us for further information and pricing.

The FLIR thermal sensing camera measures temperature variances. This information assists us in determining the heat retention properties of various materials and cushioning components. Heat retention of saddle pads is a part of equine comfort under saddle that is often overlooked.