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Sensation Ride™ Common Sense Cinch (no liner)

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The Common Sense Cinch is aptly named as it is easy to tighten up while mounted, eliminates hardware touching the horse and incorporates a center elastic portion with a limited stretch. Backing is removable for easy washing or replacement. The latigo is is part of the cinch, so your western saddle would not require a latigo attached to the rigging.

Liners are sold separately, click here.

The Felt Liner is a polyester blend, black. 

The Wool Felt is straight wool, beige.

The Neoprene Liner is a waffle weave neoprene that is specially designed to not be reactive. It is safe for most skin types. 

The Wool Liner is made of 100% real wool on a synthetic backing. Must be washed in cold water to avoid shrinking. 

NOTE: We do not stock sizes larger than 38". If you are ordering sizes larger than 38'' expect a 4 week wait (estimated) to make your order. 


Customer Reviews

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Kathy Burnett
Exactly what I was looking for!

Perfect girth for my endurance saddle. Less billet bulk under my leg, and super easy to strip off the fleece liner to wash after a 50 mile ride.