Q. What disciplines are Sensation Ride saddles best for?

A. Our customers have a wide range of disciplines and breed passions. The only riding pursuits which we feel are not suitable for the saddles are roping, barrel racing, vaulting and new unbalanced riders.

Q. How much do the saddles weigh?

A. The unfitted Sensation saddle weighs between 8 – 15 lbs.

Q. What sizes do the Sensation saddles come in?

A. The Sensation Ride™ is available in Western sizes 14" -16.5” and English sizes 16" – 18”. Bolsters can help adjust the size and feel of the saddle.

Q. Is there a break-in period?

A. Yes, the Sensation does require a break-in time of about 10 hours riding before the optimal feeling and contouring occurs.

Q. How durable are the saddles?

A. The Sensation saddles are very durable as long as they are cared for properly. It is important to regularly clean and condition the leather on your saddle. As with any extra flexible saddle, there is greater wear and tear on the components. Symmetry when riding, mounting and storing will have a beneficial effect of your saddle, as well as you and your horse! (mount and dismount equally both sides)

Q. How adjustable are the saddles? Can I use it on different horses and with different riders?

A. As the Sensation saddle is very flexible, it easily transfers from one horse to another and the horses are suitable candidates for treeless saddles. It can easily be changed to fit a variety of riders through stirrup leather length and bolsters under the seat of the saddle.

Q. How is the Sensation saddle different from the other treeless saddles?

A. The Sensation has no hard or semi-rigid components, is manufactured in Canada (we are the only one!) has replaceable components and has a unique multi-point weight distribution system. We achieve great weight distribution and performance without additional rigidity.

Q. Is there a particular way to ride which maximizes weight distribution and horse comfort?

A. The stirrup leather attachments are designed in such a way that shares the rider's weight along the complete length of the saddle. For this reason, ride dynamically, sharing your weight between your feet and your seat. It is best to not just "sit" in one location and float your feet. Use your stirrups confidently.

Q. What disciplines have the Sensation saddles been used for?

A. We have clients using them for training young horses, endurance riding, gaited horses, back country riding, dressage, disability therapy, jumping and even Fox Hunting! The Sensation saddles are versatile and can be used for many different disciplines. The only riding pursuits which we feel are not suitable for the saddles are roping, barrel racing, vaulting and new unbalanced riders.

Q. Is there a weight restriction for the Sensations?

A. We recommend the saddle for people under 200 lbs as a general guideline. Many factors are to be considered, such as horse/rider weight ratio, riding discipline etc. and in some cases riders over 200lb can use the Sensation saddle very successfully.

Q. Can I mount from the ground on to the Sensation?

A. Most riders once they become accustomed to the Sensation have no problem with mounting from the ground. We always recommend mounting from a block and from both sides of the horse – for your horse’s chiropractic health and your own. See our mounting video for help.

Q. Is there a specific saddle pad that should be used with the Sensation?

A. No specific brand, however adequate padding for a treeless saddle and your riding discipline/horse’s requirements should be considered.

Q. Is there a specific girth that should be used with Sensation saddles?

A. A standard double ended stretch dressage girth will work, however we recommend using a self-centering type girth - Sensation Ride™ has created it own Sensation Ride™ Self-Centering Girth and Cinch, to pair with our saddles – to reduce billet wear and keep the saddle aligned to your horse’s conformation. Sensation Ride™ saddles perform best when girthed tightly.

Q. Can I use my own breastplate, fleece cover and crupper with the saddle?

A. The Sensation Ride™ saddles mate with most commonly available accessories.

Q. Can I put saddle bags onto the Sensation?

A. There are 7 rings on the Sensation Ride Trail models. These are firmly affixed to the saddle and can take a load of up to 50lbs / 22.6kg. Additional rings may be added for an additional fee.

Q. Will the stirrup leather pressure be centralized as it is with many rigid-free saddles?

A. If the stirrup leather attachment is used as intended, as provided with each new saddle, the Sensation Ride™ saddles distribute weight better than most treeless saddles and better than any ill-fitting treed saddle. We use a multi-point attachment (MPA) system to maximize weight distribution over the entire saddle. If you employ our unique multi-point stirrup attachment, you benefit from the best of both worlds... close contact flex & weight distribution.

MPA image and description

Q. Does the Sensation saddle provide spine and wither clearance?

A. When properly fitted and mated to the correct pad you will find a surprising amount of spinal clearance on your horses back. Wither clearance is present but minimal. Parameters for fitting treed saddles do not apply to treeless saddles.

Q. What sort of materials are in the saddle?

A. Material performance has been carefully considered. Chosen materials maximize breath-ability, shock absorption and durability. We are a strong believer in natural and open cell materials – obtained close to home, wherever possible. The leather used in the Sensation saddles is sourced from North America or Europe. we also use wool fabric, UV resistant polyester mono filament thread and many cushioning foams from the orthotic / medical industry.

Q. What style of rigging comes on the saddle?

A. The Sensation saddles come with three options for rigging. Standard rigging is composed of 3 rings with removable billets, Formal Dressage rigging is two sewn-in billets with a center buckle, and Western Rigging with center D ring and 2 rings.

Q. Are any components adjustable?

A. The Sensation saddle is THE most adjustable saddle on the market! The stirrup placement may be adjusted front to back, the cantle may be adjusted by adding or removing stuffing, the seat can be shaped with bolsters and the rigging can be adjusted to accommodate different horses.

Q. If something on my saddle wears out, am I able to get replacement parts?

A. Replacement parts are available for the stirrup leathers, panels, seats, and knee blocks. We also offer a full repair service.

Q. Can I adjust my pommel/swell or cantle?

A. Saddles with fixed cantles or swells/pommels cannot be adjusted after the saddle is made as they are fixed onto the base of the saddle and not removable. The only model that has the ability for adjustment after manufacturing is the Sensation Harmony Element (SHE).

Q. Why do you not recommend free-swinging stirrups?

A. Traditional saddles are able to spread weight evenly over the back of the horse with the help of a tree. With treeless saddles, there is no tree to spread the weight. We have developed our unique weight-distribution system that is one of the features found on all Sensation Ride™ saddles. This system allows the weight to be distributed evenly from front to back when weight is placed in the stirrups, as long as the stirrup leathers are attached to the bottom of the flap. If free-swinging stirrups are used, there is potential to cause tender areas behind the horse’s wither, where the stirrup base sits. For this reason, we do not recommend using freeswing.

Q. How does the ordering process work?

A. To order a saddle, we like to start with the pre-order form. Those can be found on the bottom of each one of our Saddle Models. Once the pre-order form is submitted, an order summary will be sent to your email based on your saddle selections. From there, we will work with you to adjust the order summary until it suits the needs of yourself and your equine. Once the order summary reflects a saddle that you are happy with, you will be sent a E-Signature copy to approve all the saddle options and upgrades are correct. Once we have received your signed E-Signature Order Summary and Saddle Deposit, your saddle will be place in the queue to be constructed.

Q. How does payment work?

A. When you have a saddle order that you are happy with, in order to place you in the queue we require a $1300 Deposit. The remaining amount of the saddle is due just before the saddle ships to you. We do not accept full payment up front, however you can make payments along the way if you would like. All our prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Q. How does shipping work?

A. Shipping is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All Shipping and Handling, Taxes, Duty Fees, Custom Clearing Charges, Additional International Country Fees, and other costs not mentioned, are to be paid by the saddle purchaser.

Canadian Purchasers: We ship with Canada Post, Canpar, Fedex, Purlator, UPS or DHL.

International Purchasers: We ship through UPS to all customers internationally due to any other shipping company not offering enough lability insurance to cover the cost of purchasers saddle.  UPS Shipping comes with $3000 liability insurance when shipped internationally.

All shipping rates are live rates from each carrier with an approximate transit time provided prior to your shipping selection.

Q. What if the saddle isn't right for me or my horse once received?

A. We recommend to send photos of your horse in to us if you are unsure if a Sensation Ride™ saddles are the right fit for you or your equine.  We can guide you in the right direction for saddle model fit. We also recommend reaching out to your nearest Dealer if you are a first time purchaser to see and try a one of our saddles out. *Not all Dealers carry trail saddles at this time* 

If you have taken all those steps and find the saddle does not work for you once received, please refer to our Warranty and Returns for more information

Revised: Nov 30, 2023