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Sensation Ride™ is Currently Manufacturing 8 Saddle Models.

Western Models are our Chinook, Hybrid Trail, and Western Sport.

English Models are our Classic Dressage/Classic Dressage Trail, Formal Dressage/Formal Dressage Trail and English (A/P)/English (AP) Trail.

Premium Models are our Sonoran and X-Trail.

Coming Soon! SHE and Tundra!

Sensation Ride™ Saddles and Accessories are available for purchase.

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Logical Ergonomic Soft Saddles

20 Years of Canadian-Made Comfort and Performance for Riders

Under New Ownership!

Sensation Ride™ Saddles is now proudly owned by Sarah Chambers of Horse Gear Canada. Sarah is a lifelong horsewoman and endurance rider. She is excited to add Sensation Ride™ Saddles to her business so she can offer even more high-quality and durable products to Canadian equestrians.

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Canadian quality through and through!

You can count on our superior quality. Sensation Ride™ treeless saddles are designed in Canada, and made in Canada. Our materials are primarily North American, and all our leather comes from Canada or the USA and are made to last you thousands of miles of comfort.

We only use solid stainless steel or solid brass hardware, spun polyester thread with UV coating, real wool fabric on the bottom with many of our foams and felts being orthotic or medical grades. Our leathers are often borrowed from the boot making industry – making them durable and weather resistant.

Our craftsmen and craftswomen know horses! We all ride, know what a good saddle should feel like and can appreciate the nuances associated with slight changes in proportions, angles and cushioning.

Better for your horse, of course!

Sensation Ride™ Saddles are the only treeless saddle design to utilize a multi-point stirrup attachment. This means better weight distribution for your horse, particularly important when you’re riding long and hard. When your Sensation saddle is set up in the hard use or endurance attachments, you can count on having an even better weight distribution than a treed saddle. Taking the tree out of a saddle doesn’t make it a treeless saddle – thoughtful engineering and a redesigned weight distribution system allows it to be a true treeless saddle, and not just a bareback pad with stirrups. The materials used in the saddle allow your horse to move freely, encouraging muscle development and resulting in a happier horse.

The Sensation Ride™ treeless saddle is the world's only treeless saddle that uses a multi-point array weight distribution system. This means that your weight as a rider will be distributed over the largest possible area of your horse's back, without using hard materials. Go ahead and rise to the trot, 2 point and take that jump!  

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Connect with your horse!

Complete Comfort and Connection. The Sensation Ride™ treeless saddles have been ergonomically designed to permit the rider a close contact, balanced (yet customizable) seat using medical grade foams, high grade custom felts, wool and leather. The Sensation saddles will mold to you and your horse. No hard parts in our saddles! The saddle will form fit to you like a fine leather shoe. This allows you to feel your horse and be more in tune as a rider.

  • Holly

    I probably have one of the first sensation saddles made. I still love it after many years and I can put it on my dainty Paso Fino and next ride...on my lovely large Fjord gelding.

  • Liane

    Absolutely love my new saddle. Everything from putting in the original order to all my queries afterwards were answered promptly and in a very friendly manner.

  • Nita

    Really awesome company. Their products are well thought-out, and the staff are wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly. [They were] so helpful in creating the perfect, custom-made saddle for me and the ponies I ride. I love my saddle and the ponies are very happy with it!

  • Inger

    I set off on a 3 day adventure with friends riding 55km over mountain terrain on the Bicentennial Trail here in Australia. My horse was the only one without a sore back at the end of our journey. Thank you so much for such an awesome saddle. I've had mine for approx 10 years now and ridden many different horses, it fits them all and I've never had a horse pull up sore.