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Sensation Ride™ Formal Dressage Saddle - Classic Model

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Flap Length

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The Sensation Ride™ Formal Dressage treeless saddle allows the rider to sit very naturally on the horse, but aids the rider in keeping the leg stable. A deep seat and a wider pommel help maintain a solid, steady position. The flap of the Formal Dressage model is straighter; to be ridden with a long leg. The Formal Dressage model comes with two rings on either side of the pommel for breastplate use.

The Formal Seat offers a more traditional look while allowing the rider to feel less bulk under the thigh, and keep the pommel width to a minimum through using slightly padded flap weight jockeys around the pommel. Formal Dressages are measured using English Seat Sizing, ranging from 16" to 18".

It is best for riders who are in the show ring or who ride in a forward position or shorter stirrup position. The formal seat often requires a pommel bolster to rebalance the rider due to the cushioning being mostly toward the rear of the seat.

The "Trail" designation supplies 5 additional rings for gear. This is an option for this model.

Compared to the standard Dressage flap, the Formal model has a longer flap and more substantial knee roll with quilt lines which tend to hug the leg.

We recommend you check out our saddle FAQ's  to be fully informed on our one of a kind treeless saddles.

*Sensation Ride™ does NOT have trial saddles at this time.  Please check out our Dealer Locator Page to find your nearest Dealer.  They will be happy to help you fit your saddle and find the right one specifically for you and your horse.


  • Length Front to Back - 24"/61cm
  • Depth Top to Bottom - 22"/55cm
  • Weight - 9-11lbs/4.1kg - 5kg


  • Stainless Steel or Brass Hardware
  • Black or Brown Thread
  • Formal Dressage: 2 Front Rings
  • Formal Dressage Trail: 7 Rings (2 Front Rings, 5 Cantle Rings)
  • Carry Handle with Sensation Ride Leather Cover
  • Seat Cushioned with Foam and Super Slow Recovery Poron Overlay in Smooth Leather
  • 3.5"/8.9cm Dressage Cantle 
  • Dressage Pommel
  • Knee and Thigh Roll Colour Options
  • Knee and Thigh Roll Smooth Leather
  • Flap Reinforcement area Leather Colours
  • Removable Regular Knee Blocks
  • 2 Sewn in 1"/2.5cm Billets with Sewn in Center Buckle Or 3 Ring Removable Rigging with 2 Billets
  • Stirrup Base - Ring
  • 1"/2.5cm Stirrup Leathers - One Size


  • Inquire about Different Thread Options (Add $50)
  • Formal Seat Roughout Options (Overlay Add $45, Rear Seat Add $65, Full Seat Add $85)
  • Classic Seat (Deduct $53)
  • Classic Seat Roughout Options (Overlay Add $45, Full Seat Add $65)
  • Pommels
    • Dressage Reduced (Add $40)
    • Dressage Narrowed (Add $40)
    • Dressage Reduced and Narrowed (Add $40)
  • Pommel Detail (Inquire for Options and Pricing)
    • 4"/10cm Deep Dressage Cantle(Add $45)
    • Cantle Patch Roughout for Deep Dressage Cantle (Add $20)
    • Cantle Details (Inquire for Options and Pricing)
    • Cheyenne Roll (Add $60)
    • Bling for Cheyenne Roll -
      • Clear Synthetic Crystals (Add $25)
      • Nickle Plated Studs (Add $20)
      • Brass Studs (Add $20)
      • Knee and Thigh Roll Roughout (Add $20)
      • Removable Mega Knee Blocks (Add $13)
      • Additional Rings
        • Front Mid Non Structural Knee Roll (Add $50)
        • Front Mid Structural Knee Roll (Add $60)
        • Lower Rear Non Structural (Add $50)
        • Lower Rear Structural (Add $60)
        • Extra Front Handle Rings (Add $20)
        • Stirrup Base - Slim E-Bar (Add $20)
        • 2"/5cm Integrated Base Leathers - Taper to 1"/2.5cm Bottom for Stirrup Neck Attachment (Add $43)
        • 3/4"/1.9cm Decorative Stripe for 2"/5cm Leathers (Add $35)
        • No-Bite Fenders /2.5cm - Add $115) (2"/5cm - Add $125)
        • Pommel Bolster (Add $29)
        • Twist Bolster(Add $29)
        • Mini Twist Bolster(Add $29)
        • Cantle Bolster(Add $44)
        • 1/8"/0.3cm Saddle Strings with Black Ball Locks or 1/2"/1.3cm Saddle Strings (Classic Dressage (2 Strings) Add $13, Classic Dressage Trail (4 Strings) $Add $25)

          *Strings in Saddle Photos do not depict actual length included with saddle*

          Non-refundable deposit can be paid here to secure your production spot.

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