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Is your Equine a suitable candidate for a Sensation Ride Saddle?

Is Your Equine Suitable?

Sensation Ride Saddles are designed to fit a wide variety of equines – but no saddle can fit every equine or equine and rider combination.  Sensation Ride Saddles are particularly popular for short backed, round horses.

Round back example:

round back

Backs are round, flat, and low withered – these equines are ideal candidates for treeless saddles. These equines have a spine that almost creates a channel in the back, with well sprung ribs and a well muscled top line. Equines will also obtain this body shape when they are overweight. 

Medium back example:

These equines are also ideal for treeless saddle use.  Wither and spinal processes are a bit more defined than with the round horse’s back, but all of these backs are suitable. Some equines may have a higher wither and a rounder back, and can easily be accommodated with shims.  Equines with a similar top line to these may use a Sensation Ride Saddle with no problems, so long as the rider is well suited to the back and appropriate padding is used.

Higher wither, “A” framed horses with prominent Spines:


These equines are not well suited to treeless use in general, HOWEVER – most equines with this conformation have some muscle wastage as well, from ill-fitting treed saddles that perpetuate the condition. If you are a lightweight rider and are doing mild to moderate work, the Sensation may be able to help your equine further develop their top line. We have many riders who are riding high withered or “A” frame equines with some specialized padding with great success. If in doubt, send us some pictures!

Atrophied Back:

This horse shows a classic case of an atrophied back – You can almost see the imprint of the saddle on its back. If you follow the roundness of its rib cage, the roundness ends abruptly where the muscle has atrophied from an ill-fitting saddle. The muscles drop away from the spine, and from looking at the rest of its body, its easy to see this horse was not born with this top line. This horse could be outfitted in a Sensation with a special shimming system designed to “fill in the gaps” until its muscles begin to rebuild. As the top line develops, the rider can adjust the padding as necessary.