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Sensation Ride™ Saddle Deposit

Sale price$1,300.00 CAD
Saddle Model:
Lead Times:

Available for ChinookHybrid TrailWestern SportClassic Dressage/Classic Dressage TrailFormal Dressage/Formal Dressage Trail, English (A/P)/English (A/P) Trail and Sonoran.

Please complete the saddle order form, that can be found on the bottom of the saddle pages to create your customized saddle.

*Important* Deposit alone does not secure your spot.  You need to confirm your saddle selection before we can start the building of your new customized saddle.  Once your saddle selection is fully confirmed, that is when the lead time starts.

Current Lead Times:

Standard Lead Time:

Current Standard lead times from Deposit and Saddle Detail Confirmation to Shipment of your saddle is 5 to 7 weeks.

Standard Lead Time Deposit is $1300 CAD.

Need your New Saddle sooner? We are now offering Expedited Lead Time!

Expedited Lead Time is an Additional $300 CAD fee that is added to the total price of your saddle.  This is a Non-Refundable Extra Fee that is added to the existing total cost of your customized saddle.  

Current Expedited lead times from Deposit and Saddle Detail Confirmation to Shipment of your saddle is 2 to 3 weeks.

Expedited Lead Time Deposit is $1300 CAD + Expedited Fee (Additional $300 CAD).

*All Deposit types are Non-Refundable.  Due to the nature of our customized saddle options, deposits are Non-Refundable on both the Standard Lead Time and Expedited Lead Times.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Sensation Ride™ Saddle Deposit
Sensation Ride™ Saddle Deposit Sale price$1,300.00 CAD