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Saddle Padding

Saddle Pad choice

Choosing a pad to compliment your saddle is very important to the performance of any saddle. For many equines, the right pad can make or break the fit of the saddle. Please take the time to determine which pad will work best for you and your equine, as there are many deciding factors.

Most Important Features of a Pad for a Sensation Ride™ Treeless Saddle:

      • Contoured to the Equine’s spine
      • Padding on either side of the spine, not directly on the spine.
      • Open cell, breathable fabrics
      • At least ½”of padded support

To determine what kind of padding you need, there are several factors to consider:

1) Your discipline

    2) Your weight

      3) Your equine's build

            • The very round backed, no withered equine:

      With an equine like this, almost any pad can be used but the rider may enjoy a non-slip element with these “wine barrel on legs” equine. Neoprene girth liners are also popular with this type of equine.

            • The atrophied shouldered/backed equine:

      Shaped shims that can be added to a regular pad are the best for this type of equine. The shims can be placed in the pad, and removed as the equine begins to rebuild its muscling.

            • The average withered, average backed equine:

      Almost any pad can be used on an equine like this, the decision between a soft or firm support will lie in the other determining factors.

            • Narrow back with a med-high wither:

      While treeless saddles of any kind are not recommended for this type of equine, the borderline “maybe” equines with this conformation will benefit from a firm support pad, and possibly shims.

      Skito Saddle Pads offer a very breathable, shock absorbing performance and pair perfectly with our saddles.