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Sourcing close to home

Globalization has it's positives for consumer pricing, but rarely has any other long term benefits. We feel it is most important to source our raw materials for the saddles from suppliers who are as geographically close as possible. 

Recent years have seen an exponential increase in technical fabrics and materials. We aim to incorporate innovative and technical materials into our saddles and accessories; with the aim of reducing material fatigue, trapped heat, bacterial proliferation & weight while considering sustainability. 

Certain gear or parts just seem to require leather to make the final product acceptable to us as equestrians. The tannage of leather we choose to use is very different than what is typically chosen for saddles. This leather is still cowhide, but is processed for use in the making of work boots and shoes. This leather often takes on a unique patina with use which gives Sensation Ride™ soft saddles a unique worn look over time.

We are paying close attention to up and coming leather alternatives such as cork, mushroom and pineapple. 

The core of our saddles skimps on nothing for material strength as well as construction strength. The heart of our saddles incorporates the girth/cinch rigging, the accessory rings and the contours meant for an ergonomic match to the horse.

Many tree-free or soft saddles rely on rigid or semi rigid support components in the cantle and pommel/swell to accomplish what our design does without rigidity of any kind.

The rider is considered with the uppermost saddle layer and it's supportive components