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Sensation Ride™ Removable Buckles

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Sensation Ride™ Removable Buckles are for the Removable Rigging Rings. Removable Rigging Rings are standard on all our saddles unless a different option is chosen.  

Nylon loop top with Buckle attachment for your Removable Rigging.

These Removable Buckles are for replacement if your current Removable Buckles are damaged or older.  Nylon on the Removable Buckles should be checked regularly for wear from usage.  

*Sold in Pairs*

Customer Reviews

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Anne-Kirstine Nielsen
Great quality of products

Products are great and long lasting. Costumer service could be better. You get it immediately when you order something and they are also very helpful with shipping opportunities.
But a few weeks ago I requested some guidance on which product there would fit my saddle. But communication stopped after i sent a picture of my saddle… i tried two more emails and still no response. Thanks to the facebook community I were able to point out what product I needed to purchase.