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Hybrid/Sonoran/Westlish Seat - Replacement

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The Sensation Ride™ Hybrid Trail/Sonoran/Westlish Seats are made with the finest leather.  Our seats are cushioned with foam and a super slow recovery poron overlay to create a comfortable feel that fits you.

The Hybrid Seats can go interchangeably on our ChinookHybrid TrailWestern Sport, Westlish or Sonoran models.

The Hybrid Seats use lightweight leather for the entire seat and provides uniform cushioning under the rider.

The Hybrid Seats have low profile sides and minimal "ear" padding.

The Hybrid Seats feel pretty identical to The Chinook Seat.

Want to Upgrade your New Seats Colours, Textures, Binding, and Bling?

 *Disclaimer: Seat only. Photos have Pommel/Swell visible to see how seat attaches. Strings or Carrying Handle/Leather Cover is not included, even if visible in photo/drawing*

*Sold Individually*

Customer Reviews

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Shellie G
Beautiful new seat

Love my new hybrid seat!! The leather is so soft. I’m very happy.
Thank you Sarah for your patience with my tracing and all the measurements.