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Rhythm Beads

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Rhythm Beads!

If you don't know about Rhythm Beads and how beneficial they can be for riding, today is your lucky day!

They are great for riding for many reasons:

  • Help calm nervous horses with their gentle Rhythmic melody
  • Young horses learn how to pace themselves with the gentle rhythm they create at each gait.
  • Can be used lunging and under saddle because of safety clip
  • Provides all levels of riders the ability to hear their horses movement
  • Rhythmic sound can alert to any offness in stride
  • Assists Beginner/Novice riders to hear how fast or slow they are in their horses gait to learn to post better, sit better and feel their horses more
  • Great for trail riding to alert wildlife you're near, especially in heavily wooded areas
  • Offer a added touch of bling that is beneficial to both horse and rider
  • Have been used for generations to assist with horse training


  • 7 Bells in Silver Coloured or Gold Coloured
  • Premade Pendant (Included) or Custom Made Dangle Pendant ($8 Upgrade)
  • Clip that Attaches to your Horses Hair or Saddle Pad to Hold Rhythm Beads Steady
  • Counter Balance to Offset Clip Weight that has a Small Bell and a Smaller Pendant
  • Has a Ball Lock or Flat Lock to Change Length as Needed and Safety Feature if Ever Tangled Up
  • Roughly 6" Lengthener to Adjust Bell Sounds as Needed
  • Multiple Accents to Highlight Colour Choices
  • Beads in Predetermined Colours for Premade Rhythm Beads or Custom Colours if Ordering a Custom Set of Rhythm Beads

Available Rhythm Beads List:

Teal, Gold & Purple:

  • Teal, Iridescent Teal, Gold and Purple Beads match the stunning Brown Brass Pendant with Wow Popping Teal and Purple Gems.  Matching Brown Brass accents, a small teal hearted pendant on the mane clip with Gold Bells. Full Horse Size of 59" to 65".

Turquoise Blue and Purple: 

  • Unique design of Turquoise Blue, Turquoise Blue Sparkle and Glossy Black and Purple beads.  Wing shaped pendant in front and Black Heart on counter balance bell.  Silver Coloured bells and Dark Silver Colour Spacers and Bell Spacers. Full horse size of 58" and extends to 64".


  • Made with stunning design of iridescent and glossy rainbow beads with clear and clear rainbow sparkle beads in between.  Heart shaped pendant in front and  on counter balance bell.  Gold bells and accents, in full horse size of 60" and extends to 66".

The Shire:

  • I went with the Frodo style with this beautiful leaf that I've made in black, sage green, a pop of Gold Coloured bells and accents and a hint of burgundy. Full horses sized at 62" that extends to 66".

  • Orange Bliss:

    • Made with an array of oranges, browns and added wooden beads as accents.  Paw shaped brass pendant and "I Love My Dog" charm on the counter balance. Gold bells.  Full horse size of 58" and extends to 64".

    All Pendants can be changed for premade Rhythm Beads if you liked the style but not the pendants.

    Don't see anything to match your colours or horses style? Custom orders are encouraged. Lots of colours and pendants available to choose from!

    All Rhythm Beads including custom colours are $55 CAD plus shipping

    Check Out Examples of Custom Orders Here!

    Contact for your Custom Order!

    Matching Saddle Charms Available by Custom Order!

    *Sold Individually*

    Rhythm Beads
    Rhythm Beads Sale price$55.00 CAD