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Sensation Ride™ 17.5" Formal Dressage Trail Saddle - In Stock

Sale price$3,306.00 CAD

The Sensation Ride™ Formal Dressage Trail treeless saddle allows the rider to sit very naturally on the horse, but aids the rider in keeping the leg stable. A deep seat and a wider pommel help maintain a solid, steady position. The flap of the Formal Dressage model is straighter; to be ridden with a long leg. The Formal Dressage model comes with two rings on either side of the pommel for breastplate use.

The Formal Seat offers a more traditional look while allowing the rider to feel less bulk under the thigh, and keep the pommel width to a minimum through using slightly padded flap weight jockeys around the pommel.
It is best for riders who are in the show ring or who ride in a forward position or shorter stirrup position. The formal seat often requires a pommel bolster to rebalance the rider due to the cushioning being mostly toward the rear of the seat.

The "Trail" designation supplies 5 additional rings for gear. This is an option for this model.

Compared to the standard Dressage flap, the Formal model has a longer flap and more substantial knee roll with quilt lines which tend to hug the leg.

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  • Length Front to Back - 24"/61cm
  • Depth Top to Bottom - 22"/55cm
  • Weight - 9-11lbs/4.1kg - 5kg


  • Formal Dressage Trail: 7 Rings (2 Front Rings, 5 Cantle Rings)
  • Regular Flap length
  • Brass Hardware
  • Black Thread
  • Carry Handle with Sensation Ride Leather Cover
  • Seat Cushioned with Foam and Super Slow Recovery Poron Overlay in Smooth Leather
  • 17.5" Formal Seat (English Sizing)
  • Dressage Pommel
  • 3.5"/8.9cm Dressage Cantle
  • Removable Regular Knee Blocks
  • 3 Ring Removable Rigging with 2 Billets
  • Additional Rings
    • Lower Rear Non Structural (Upgrade $50)
    • Extra Front Handle Rings (Upgrade $20)
  • 2"/5cm Integrated Base Leathers - Taper to 1"/2.5cm Bottom for Stirrup Neck Attachment - Medium (Upgrade $43)
Saddle Base Price: $3,193.00 CAD
Saddle Upgrades: $    113.00 CAD
Saddle Total Price: $3,306.00 CAD



2" Leathers length can be changed to suit Rider.
**Message Us to add other options or change the stirrup leather length**

*Strings in Saddle Photos do not depict actual length include

    Sensation Ride™ 17.5" Formal Dressage Trail Saddle - In Stock
    Sensation Ride™ 17.5" Formal Dressage Trail Saddle - In Stock Sale price$3,306.00 CAD