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Sensation Ride™ Western Sport Saddle - In Stock - SOLD

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Western Sport Options

The Western Sport model meets the needs of the rider who wants the western “feel” while still providing all the wonderful weight distributing features of all our other models, plus a very secure seat, while keeping weight and footprint to a minimum.

This model is designed with the sporty, minimalistic western rider in mind. It offers a secure, deep seat feeling very similar to the shape of a traditional western saddle, only much more comfortable! The fenders are stylized to reflect a western flair, and the seat and skirting is designed to uphold traditional western looks while minimizing coverage and weight.

The Fenders on the Sensation Western models are moveable up and down on the 2” wide Integrated Base Stirrup Leathers, offering the ability to change them to optimum placement for each rider, but securely fastened with velcro to stay in place during your ride.

While the Rear jockeys (skirting) is longer than the English models, the actual weight bearing surface is identical at 19”, allowing even the shortest backed horse the ability to use the Western Sport in comfort.

With many upgrade features available to make this the best saddle for your trail adventures!

We recommend you check out our saddle FAQ's  to be fully informed on our one of a kind treeless saddles.

*Sensation Ride™ does NOT have trial saddles at this time.  Please check out our Dealer Locator Page to find your nearest Dealer.  They will be happy to help you fit your saddle and find the right one specifically for you and your horse.


  • Length Front to Back - 26"/66.1cm
  • Depth Top to Bottom - 18.5"/47cm
  • Weight - 12-14lbs/5.5kg - 6.4kg


  • Brass Hardware
  • 11 Rings (2 Front Rings, 5 Cantle Rings, 2 Lower Rear Structural Rings per Flap)
  • Carry Handle with Sensation Ride Leather Cover
  • Seat Cushioned with Foam and Super Slow Recovery Poron Overlay in Smooth Leather
  • 16" Western Sport Seat in Smooth Leather
  • 2"/5cm Integrated Base Stirrup Leathers - Taper to 1"/2.5cm Bottom for Stirrup Neck Attachment - Medium Size
  • Western Sport 2"/5cm Fenders - Regular Size


  • Golden Brown Thread
  • Western Sport Flourish Seat Jockey Inlay (Add $45)
  • Tall Swell (Add $50)
  • 4.5"/11.4cm Tall Cantle (Add $80)
  • Cantle Detail (Add $50)
  • Cheyenne Roll (Add $60) -
    • Brass Studs (Add $20)
  • Western Cinch Brass D-Ring with 2 Rings for Stirrup Leathers Attachment (Add $10)
    • 1 3/4"/4.5cm Brass Rear Rigging D Ring (Add $75)
    • Rear Rigging Assembly - Billets and Cinch ( Add $190)
    • Western Sport Fender Inlay Upgrade (Add $45)
    • Additional Rings
      • Extra Front Handle Rings (Add $20)
    • Buffalo Saddle Charm (Add $50)
    • 1" Neck - Tough 1 Brown Leather Covered Endurance Stirrups (Add $90)
    • Pommel Bolster (Add $29)


    • Buffalo Saddle Charm (Add $50)
    • Buffalo Jen X Pad (Add $525)



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