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Sensation Ride™ Breastplate - Unlined

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This breastplate combines the best of all of what we feel are important features to have in a breastplate. It mates ideally with any of the Sensation Ride Treeless Saddles and permits full use and freedom of the saddle along with the safety of a limited side and rearward slip when riding over vigorous terrain or when the girth becomes loose.

FEATURES: Care-free Heavy Duty Beta or Granite Biothane materials provide strength. Solid hardware for rings and buckles so you never have to worry about rust again. Easy on, Easy off. Breastplate clips on to a harness which stays on the saddle and serves as an additional handle for the saddle. Large degree of adjustability.

If you'd like to change up the Handle Cover colour, or need a replacement, we have those available for purchase.

To Measure: Measure from the front ring on your saddle (or if you don't have a saddle yet, estimate the location of the front ring) to the center of the chest. This is referred to as your Shoulder Measurement. Measure from the Center of the Chest to the girth or girth ring. This is known as your Chest to Girth Measurement.

Horse: Girth: 16.5" - 23" Shoulder 29.5" - 38.5"
Arab/Cob: Girth 16" - 20" Shoulder 27.5" - 35.5"
Pony: Girth 16" - 17" Shoulder 21" - 30"

Colour: Black/Brown

Hardware: Stainless Steel/Brass

*Sold Individually*

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Jenna Reyes
Love it!

Looks great, well made