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Sensation Ride™ Self Centering Girth - Liner Included

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.The Sensation Ride™ Self Centering Girth is recommended to work ideally with our Sensation Ride™ Treeless Saddles. Our Self Centering Girth also works very well with any saddles that have the 4-billet girthing system.

The Sensation Ride™ Self Centering Girth buckles are attached to a self centering mechanism, which allows the rider to adjust the girth to the correct tightness without worrying whether the buckles are on the same hole from side to side billets. The limited stretch ensures your horse has some "breathing room" but prevents the elastic from stretching continually, ensuring that your girth maintains its size and shape for many years.

Our Non-Elastic Girths (18", 20" & 22") have a built in breastplate Girth Loop.  Our Elastic Girths (24" and up) have a slip on breastplate Girth Loop.

The Sensation Ride™ Self Centering Girth comes with 1 Removable Liner.

The Sensation Ride™ Girth Removable Liners allow easy cleaning, replacement and customization to your equines needs.

Liners Available:

  • Poly Felt Liner - Black - Polyester Blend.
  • Wool Felt - Beige - Wool Blend.
  • Wool Fleece Liner - Cream - 100% Real Wool on a Synthetic Backing - Must be washed in cold water to avoid shrinking.
  • Waffle Weave Neoprene Liner - Black - Specially designed to not be reactive to horses skin and safe for most skin types.

Sensation Ride™ Self Centering Girth Sizes:

  • 18" to 38" in 2 inch increments
  • The Sensation Ride™ Self Centering Girth sizes 22" and under do not have elastic
  • They are available in custom sizes as well

Sizing for Sensation Ride™ Saddles:

Measure your horse's circumference just behind the withers and through the girth groove.

Subtract 46" from your measurement (40" for a Western Sport) to determine your girth size.  If your flap is shortened 2", add 4" to your final girth measurement.

Measuring your existing girth size consists of pulling the buckles to stretch out the elastic, then measuring from buckle to buckle. This measurement corresponds to the girth size. Do not measure the girth backing to obtain the girth size.

Additional Sensation Ride™ Girth Removable Liners are also available separately.

NOTE: We do not stock sizes larger than 38". If you are ordering sizes larger than 38'' expect a 3 week wait (estimated) to make your order. 

*Sold Individually*

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