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Sensation Ride™ Girth or Cinch Liners

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Liner Material

Please choose the lining (backing) for your girth - either poly felt (black), wool felt (beige), waffle neoprene or 100% wool fleece.  Attach to your girth or cinch with the velcro in accordance with the photo on this page.  It is attached in a curved shape to match your horse.   Please order the liner in the same size as the tag on your girth or cinch, not the length measurement of the liner itself.

The Felt Liner (black) is a polyester blend.

The Wool Felt Liner (beige) is wool felt.

The Neoprene Liner is a waffle weave neoprene that is specially designed to not be reactive. It is safe for most skin types.

The Wool Liner is made of 100% real wool on a synthetic backing. Must be washed in cold water to avoid shrinking

Sizes: 16" to 38" in 2 inch increments.